Product safety

Argolitec Powders are products based on natural and purely mineral raw materials.

The specifically developed production process enables a purely mechanical, dry (no waste water) and chemical free production. In addition, the process provides a practically 100% product yield, i.e. no residual or waste products are produced.

The products do not show any supercritical tendency to dust (can also be openly extracted under certain circumstances using the usual precautions) and do not show extraordinary hygroscopic behaviour. 

In aqueous solutions a neutral pH value (approx. 8,5) is achieved (in accordance with Drinking Water Ordinance).

With respect to risks which could emanate from nanoscale products, a risk assessment (RCC) with explicit measurement of the dust behaviour was made by IGF/Ruhr Universität Bochum. In the summary, the the product can be described as non-critical and safe.

According to REACH Article 3; Annex V the Argolitec Powders are not subject to registration.

An INCI listing exists.


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