Ceramic Industries

As a fully perfected and highly pure 3-layer aluminium silicate Argolitec is predestined for the application in ceramic systems.

Combined with a special production technology which is free from

  • the destructive effects of milling
  • thermal treatment
  • chemical treatment

the illitic crystal structure provides highly plastic products without swelling and the related disadvantages.

Shrinkage is very low (dry shrinkage of pure Argolitec only about 5%).

The plasticizing effect takes place without retardation (wetting is not necessary).

Nanopowders replace synthetic plasticizers, which results in

  • a reduced dilatation in extrusion
  • no unavoidable porosity
  • no environmentally relevant emissions.

The extraordinarily high functionality requires only small amounts of material which makes the application in pure systems possible.

A high, stress-free stability and a high sintering reactivity as well as the resulting high stability of the components, also under optimized sintering conditions (reduction of the sintering temperatures possible up to 250 K), open up a broad field of application for complex geometries in technical ceramics. Moreover, the thickness of ceramics can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Outstanding rheological properties as well as an extraordinary covering power and a distinctive adjustment to a broad range of natural colors characterize Argolitec as an essential component for ceramic surfaces (such as engobes and glazes).


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