Ceramic Surfaces

Due to the stable and finely structured particles as well as the specific desagglomeration procedure in the production of Argolitec very dense and finely textured surfaces are created.

Highly efficient and stress-free applications can be realized even if the coating is applied very thinly.

The high compatibility with many common frits allows a very accurate adjustment of the gloss level.

As colouring metal oxide, the iron ions of Argolitec are stably integrated in the crystal structure (no separate mineral phase). They allow a broad range of natural colours such as

  • red
  • copper
  • brown
  • anthracite
  • black
  • metal effects

with high stability.

The high functionality of Argolitec allows complex formulas (simple design, reliable in operation). The operational safety is additionally achieved by an excellent product quality (uniformity).

Excellent rheological properties (almost no sedimentation, no swelling) and a high ability to suspend allow a simple application with all common technologies.


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