Chemical Industries

The multifunctionality of Argolitec allows the use in a broad range of

  • cement bonded
  • dispersion bonded

systems such as glues, fillers and grouting , cold-hardening paints etc..

The distinctive surface reactivity and the typical properties of a (non-swellable) layer-silicate allow an improved functionality with regard to

  • thermal shock resistance (resistance against freeze – dew alteration)
  • ageing resistance
  • resistance against chemical affect / corrosion / dirt
  • mechanical properties
  • durability and density of surfaces
  • scratch resistance
  • tribology
  • barrier properties
  • against chemicals
  • gases and liquids (improvement of water tightness)
  • UV protection
  • the use as catalytic carrier (for additional functional additives)

as well as an improved processability and stabilization:

  • adjustable as hydrophobic and hydrophilic
  • regulation of rheology, 
  • bonding and setting
  • reduction of shrinkage
  • improvement of flow
  • adjustment of porosity
  • dispersable as a suspension


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