Polymer Industries

Argolitec can be used as a functional filler in polymer systems like

  • thermoplastics
  • elastomers
  • thermosetting plastics

with a wide range of possible applications, e.g.

  • usage as flame retardant
    • antidripping
    • acts as a synergist with several flame retardant additives (like ATH, MDH, brom- and phosphor bonds, to reduce the amounts of those additives and to improve the mechanical properties).
  • Arginotec can be used for an improvement of mechanical properties
    • elongation (elasticity)
    • impact strength
    • durability and density of the surface
    • scratch resistance
  • Arginotec offers barrier properties
    • against chemicals
    • gases and liquids
    • UV-protection
  • Arginotec acts as a nucleating agent and catalytic carrier (e.g. for pigments).

This multi-functionality leads to a well-balanced overall performance.
The functionality of Argolitec is marked by

  • the distinctive nanoscale
  • a stabile form of the platelets without swelling behavior
  • a high surface reactivity
  • sorption activity
  • charge activity (negative in origin) and able to change ions (catalytic effects adjustable)
  • highly variable for specific modifications.

Argolitec is produced without any chemical treatments in general what means

  • no emissions
  • thermal stability (dissociation of crystal water:  typical for layer silicates)
  • no mandatory registration is necessary according to REACH article 3; annex V
  • highly variable for specific modifications.

The distinctive multi-functionality of Argolitec is also given according to processing.

  • compound
  • masterbatch (highest filling amounts possible)
  • in-situ-polymerization
  • liquid dispersion (highest wettability)

A high safety standard is guaranteed.


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