As a 3-layer silicate (with high similarity to montmorillonite) Argolitec GI/F is excellently compatible with bentonite in its function as a binder additive in moulding sand. The slight differences in crystal structure allow a synergistic interaction with bentonite as main component of moulding sand.

Due to the illitic structure (without swelling behaviour) as well as the distinctive surface reactivity typical for clay minerals the quality advantages of high-grade natural sands can be transferred to  synthetic sands. This is guaranteed by the special processing of Argolitec which does not include any chemical.

Argolitec can be used in all metal systems such as

  • red bronze
  • aluminium
  • iron
  • steel
  • special alloy

with high industrial safety.

As a functional additive, Argolitec ideally substitutes the bentonite binder in a range of 12,5 %  to 25 % (in relation to the portion of binder). The stable and fine-scaled particles optimize the grain-size composition of the binder matrix.

One decisive aspect is the interaction with water. As there is no swelling behaviour, a quick and stress-free reaction takes place. Due to the large surface and its high reactivity fluctuations in water amount are compensated. In addition, the demand of water can even be reduced.  Destructive influences on a swellable interlayer are not relevant when using for Argolitec.

As a result, a very stable and homogenous binding effect is achieved. It is characterized by the following advantages in processing and quality:

  • improved surface quality
  • reduction of casting defects (e.g. explosion penetration)
  • increased stability of water reactions (smaller quantities required, quicker reaction and compensation, stable bonding)
  • improved flow behaviour
  • less and more homogenous compaction possible (higher moulding flasks)
  • reduction of sand adhesion (castings and equipment)
  • less finishing effort
  • substitution of carbon additives possible

Argolitec GI/F is predestined for an application in circulation sand and model sand (short reaction times).

Argolitec can be used as a ready to use mixture of bonding material as well as a single component directly added in the plant (individual adjustment possible).

As add-on product for the application as compatible release agent Argolitec SE can be used.

The distinctive fineness allows thin and homogenous applications to

  • cores
  • cast-iron moulds
  • the sand mould (direct application)

Thin applications allow efficient separating layers of

  • dry powder
  • water-based or solvent-based suspensions.


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