Argolitec can be used as a multifunctional additive in various coating systems such as

  • liquid coatings
  • powder coatings
  • resins
  • etc.

It opens a broad field of application due to the following characteristics:

  • thermal resistance
  • support of electrical insulation
  • resistance to chemical affect / corrosion
  • improved mechanical properties
    • elongation / elasticity
    • impact strength
    • surface hardness and density
    • scratch resistance
    • tribology
  • barrier properties
    • gainst chemicals, gases and liquids (improved water tightness)
    • UV protection
  • Catalytic carrier (for various additives, e.g. pigments).

The distinctive fineness within a narrow range of particle distribution (up to the nanoscale) provides an ideal basis for the creation of excellent and functional surfaces.

In addition, Argolitec supports the rheology of suspensions. The modulation of viscosity improves bonding and setting behaviour.

An excellent wettability and flowability allow a safe application in

  • thick film and
  • thin film


These coatings can be

  • water-based
  • solvent-based
  • dispersion-based
  • synthetic resin systems.

All common techniques of application such as

  • wetting
  • pouring
  • spraying

can be used.

HGN (High Grade Nano) was specifically developed for highly functional and highly transparent coatings. It offers the unique performance of an average particle size of 35nm and is based on a pure and natural mineral. Consequently, it fulfils our responsibility towards environment and health to the fullest.


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