Technical Ceramics

Argolitec can be applied successfully in a large variety of ceramic systems such as

  • aluminium oxide
  • mullite
  • technical porcelain
  • silicon carbide
  • cordierite
  • zirconium silicate
  • Wo/Ti systems
  • etc.

The process technologies for the incorporation of Argolitec such as

  • dry mixture
  • wet mixture
  • spray drying granulate
  • extrusion
  • dry / isostatic pressing
  • slip casting / films
  • spray coat methods
  • etc.

can be chosen freely and without restrictions.

Stable powders (pourable without any difficulty, also as nanopowders), a high wetta®bility (without swelling) and excellent rheological properties contribute to a sure homogenization.
The high purity of the mineral phases (nearly free of quartz, constant product quality) and the excellent nano functionality allow a successful application even in sensitive systems (high thermal shock resistance, low coefficient of expansion, high material purity) as the product can be dosed very accurately.  Both dense firing and specific porosity are supported.
The multifunctionality of Argolitec leads to

  • plasticizing
  • strengthening
  • sinter process optimisation
  • process optimisation

as well as effects of improved ceramic and mineral phases.

The main fields of application are

  • honeycomb ceramics and catalyst bodies
  • filter systems (porous)
  • ceramic films
  • electro ceramics
  • tribological ceramics (dense)

as well as extended special applications.


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