The production of Argolitec is based on a specifically developed technology.
This technology guarantees a precise and gentle desagglomeration which has no destructive influence on the crystal structure.
The layer silicate platelets are separated from each other without any destructive effects of milling.
The desagglomeration is achieved by means of a purely mechanical treatment. Thermal and chemical processes are not used.
The rejection of chemical additives and surface modifications in the production of Argolitec allows a practical adaption optimally tailored to the individual requirements (e.g. basic systems / matrices, complex systems combined with additional components and reactants, precise adaption to process-specific details and desired properties).
The procedural details of the carefully coordinated process steps in the production of Argolitec guarantee a highly balanced product quality.
Usually only synthetic products can maintain such a high quality standard.
All these technological details result in extremely stable and long-time storable products.


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